90.5 WESA's The Confluence

On The Confluence, I work with the staff to bring an hour of morning news to listeners across the Pittsburgh region. We go beyond the headlines, blending reporting from the WESA newsroom with interviews and conversations with community leaders, experts, activists about the issues Pittsburghers care about. I pitch stories (check out the story about Pennsylvania's eviction moratorium), book guests, research and write scripts, edit interviews and conversations, and help make sure the show comes together each day. Find more stories I worked on here.

The Pitt News

Some of my work from The Pitt News, the University of Pittsburgh's independent student newspaper.

The Bully PulPitt

The University of Pittsburgh's first and only non-partisan political television show. No opinions, no bullshit, just facts. Find episodes here.

The Bully PulPod

The podcasting arm of The Bully PulPitt. Listen here, or on Spotify.